The Abhorsen Strife

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Previous Games
Sessions 1-3

Members of the party, unknown to each other yet, were traveling down the Pilgrims Path that leads from the capital of Gath to Koviar. The group noticed that the smallfolk of the countryside appeared to have left the area. Unbeknownst to them, the travellers on the road began to bunch together due to the otherworldly influence of abberents.

One of the travellers on the road was discovered to be covered in caked blood that had been concealed with mud and armed. Upon interrogation it was discovered that the bloody traveller was part of a local ring of bandits and he was planning on killing the other travellers whilst they slept. A halfling merchant implored the group to hang the man at the side of the road as a sign to warn off other bandits, which the party obliged.

The party then teamed up to investigate the den of bandits, though they found that the local militia was already present, mopping up the remains of the outlaw camp. Captain Faber led the expedition and informed the party of an weakness in the veil that was bringing abbrents into the area. As the ruling lord Duke Magrim Wistleback left with his military retinue and some levies to assist with an uprising of druids who worshiped a dark being from another plane. Due to this Lord Estermant Wistleback is left in charge of Koviar.

To avoid any embarrassments about his first time reigning as lord, he had the party hired in secret, at a higher rate than normal, to seal the veil. The party is partially held together as their pay for the sealing will be doled out over time as things are kept under wraps. The group sealed veil after finding out that, in secret, the leaders of the bandits were involved with bringing corpses to the weakness in the veil to rise up. They soon discovered that a small horde of zombies were taken my pole down down the Kingfisher river towards Lake Antiar and the city of Koviar.


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