Koviar, the Three Walled City of Saint Rheyon
17 As the Lord Latherian abandoned us, the Chosen, for the artless uncouth harlots of Antiar, we quaked and fled to the Mother Crone. For the lowest tribe of men sold themselves to our duplicitous god of old, seducing him with their false offerings. Latherian was wed to the unfaithful children of Antiar, bound by deception and shame into shackles of iron.

21 After being demeaned and mastered, Latherian was cuckolded by the lowly harlots, cast aside for their native idol, Rheoyiern. For his sins, Latherian remains bound to the steel in the swords and mail of the harlots, forced to watch in agony as his body is used to slaughter the Chosen who he forsaken.

23 For this reason our Holy Mother Crone has forbade us from bearing the Unholy Steel of Laherian, until the god of old is purified of sin and freed of the thorns of the harlots who call themselves the Rhoynar"

- ‘Polytope of the Mother’, Holy Book of the Melvanti, verse § 17- 23 of Book of Skadi’s Tears, written by Grand Allamahi Aegirson and 2nd Voice of the Mother.

“In the twilight of creation, the Creator God, Ausrine, laid enervated looking upon her creation and in her period of respite saw it unfinished. Knowing she lacked the strength to complete our world, she drew forth the Concord of Aether to

Thus, Ausrine summoned her sister, The Great Mother Crone, to plow earth, fill the seas, breathe out the air and tinder the fires in creation. A concord

“The Aetherians and Chtonic watchers left by the Ausrine Maker of the skies and earth, the planes and spirits saw the sins of the Primogenial Titians and cringed at their contempt Ausrine’s creation. As the whoresons of the Great Crone Mother, the Primogenial Titians’ sin originated in the Crone’s pride as the first being created by Ausrine and the first of her four lines took this pride to heart, lacking the curative touch of Ausrine, pride consumed them. Hence, the Titians reached across the veil of Ausrine’s world and reached into the void, drawing alien energies into the world. They became known as Aer, Pur, Hjr and Ger in the tongue of mortals as their energies began to corrupt these lower creatures.

The Abhorsen Strife

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